12 Pack Wholesale Lint Roller 10m each


SKU: 5120


12 Pack Wholesale Lint Roller 10m eachPet Hair Clothes Fluff Dust Remover Sticky

Hair and Fluff Remover - This lint roller works effectively in removing animal pet hair, dust, dandruff and fabric fluff. Directly roll it on clothes and upholstery.

Durable Roller - This lint roller is durable and sturdy in design. Handy and convenient, ready to use at any time.

Portable - Perfect for on-the-go for meetings, interviews, and conferences. Present yourself with fluff-free suit and pants.

Ergonomic Handle Design - This lint roller has a comfortable ergonomic handle with soft over-moulded grip for easy rolling.

Easy to Feel Off and Refill - The lint sheets come off quickly, clean and without much fuss. Easy to refill too. Ready to use on trousers, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, and upholstery.