56 pc Stationery Set Back to School


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56 pc Stationery Set Back to School Highlighter Calculator Ruler Pen Pencil Memo

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This is a great kit for anyone at home, school, work or the office! It includes a range of everything you need going back to school!

This Set Includes:

Glitter Pencil Case (Random Colour)

3 Highlighters

Clear Exam Pencil Case (Random Zipper Colour)

6 Piece Stationary Set

4 Chunky Highlighters

Pocket Calculator Black/Grey (Random Colour)

1 Bendy Ruler OR SHATERPROOF / straight RULER Yellow/Red/Blue/Pink/white/purple/  (Random Colour)

Metal Sharpener And Eraser and pencil set

5 Mechanical Pencils With Erasers

4 roller Handwriting Pens

Folder Pack Of Neon Memo Notes

15cm Ruler (Random Colours)

 10 Piece Maths Geometry Set