Lifespan of Bell Tent

The lifespan of your tent is very dependent upon camping conditions – air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt water) and domestic dirt (cooking stains, soda, wine, sun cream) as these all limit the lifespan of your cotton canvas tent. The canvas or your tent should be good for over 60 weeks of outdoor usage if cared for correctly. Never keep the tent stored away wet for longer than two days, otherwisefungus can affect the canvas which will then create permanent little black dots.
•The canvas has been impregnated with anti-fungi and made waterproof thatis effective for up to 60 weeks of use (so a year). Once used past this period of camping you may need to re-proof certain areas that appear more translucent. Please contact us if this is the case as we also sell reproofer.
•Maintenance starts when setting up your Bell Tent. If a Bell Tent has notbeen set up correctly, uneven forces will pull on the canvas, which could eventually lead to damage. To ensure your tent stays set up correctly daily guy rope maintenance is necessary.
•It is in your interest to keep the canvas as clean as possible and removestains when created. Dust and dried mud is best removed once the canvas is dry by brushing with a clean, hard brush like a floor scrubbing brush.
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