Shumaxx Bell Tent Set up Instructions

Step 1.

Unpack the bell tent and lay the groundsheet on the ground. Find the door androtate the tent so it’s facing the desired direction,then close the zipper.

you can also watch video on youtube

Step 2.

Take the small pegs and pulling the groundsheet tight peg it out all the way
round. Then put the canvas on top of the groundsheet and match the door up. Taking the next size peg up go round pegging the bottom of the canvas right next to the corresponding groundsheet peg.

Step 3.

Get the centre poles out and extend them. Unzip the door, take the pole and find the inside of the top of the tent and match it with one of the black stoppers. (If you are using a T Light Chandelier, make sure you put this through the pole before you put the pole in place) The small hoop should be near the top section of the pole.
Now push the pole upwards so you raise the roof of the tent.

Step 4.

Adjust the pole so it stands in an upright position. This should be ok to leave standing by itself supporting the Tent.

Step 5.

Get the A frame entrance poles (undone) and enter the tent.Once in, click them into place and put the metal spike on the top of the A frame through the matching hole in the canvas above the door. Now move the A frame forwards into the door space until it is upright. (There are places either side of the door to keep the poles in situ.)

Step 6.

The first time you use the tent you will have to attach the guy ropes to the canvas loops at the bottom end of the roof. After this they can be left attached in place for your next trip.

Step 7
Zip the door shut and, using the large pegs, attach the first guy rope above the door. Then do the guy ropes around the whole tent without putting any of them under too much tension.
N.B. All the guy ropes need to follow the lines of the seams in the roof. Adjust the guy rope slider so you have approx 50cm of loop to the peg.This allows adjustment in both directions.It is important to make sure the Bell Tent stays symmetrical and that the tension is evenly spread.

Step 8: Once all the pegs are in, adjust the guy ropes to create the desired tension.
By doing it this way and following the seam lines your Bell Tent will look like this: perfect and without creases.

Step 9: If you are lucky enough to have fantastic weather, you can roll the tent walls up to allow air to circulate through the tent. Simply unhook the bottom of the walls from the pegs, undo the zip from all around the base of the tent (the zip has been made longer to make it easier to undo/do up) then roll up the sides and tie in place using the strings and toggles attached to the tent.
Enjoy your bell tent and remember please only store it bone dry.
Many thanks and feel free to call us if you get stuck.

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